Attendance at Rehearsals

Dear All – I fully realise that years 11 & 13 are still in their exam season and fully justified in missing rehearsals until next week, but this evening’s Wind Band rehearsal saw a lot of absence from other year groups leading to just a half-strength band (who played brilliantly!). Most of the absent students were actually in school today and, although they may have had a good reason for missing the rehearsal, only one student actually came to tell me.

We have a big concert in less than 4 weeks and, even though the quality of the band has developed beyond belief, I have not had an actual full band in rehearsal since Christmas. I am also in the process of planning a concert tour to Holland in July 2023 for the Wind Band, but cannot do this if some are going to see rehearsals as optional.

Please, please, please get to rehearsals over the final 3 weeks.

Thank you.

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