Monthly Archives: March 2024

Upcoming Dates

Friday 26th April                Swing & Dance Band with the Marines (7.15pm @ The Coro)

Saturday 27th April           Wind Band Joint Concert with the Marines (7.30pm @ The Coro)

Friday 17th May                 Swing Band Concert @ Lower Holker Hall (7.30pm)

Saturday 15th June           Little Big Band @ The Old Friends (8-10pm)

Wednesday 3rd July          The Dance Show with Swing Band @ The Coro (7pm)

Friday 5th July                    Summer Concert @ The Coro (7pm)

Wind Band Rehearsal Tomorrow

Please could we have a FULL rehearsal tomorrow with everybody there until 5pm? We need to run the Marines’ programme as the concert is only 2 weeks after we return following Easter. Last week’s woodwind sectional was fantastic.

Also – there are still some tickets available for the Swing & Dance Band evening with the Marines on Friday 26th April at The Coro. £10 each from Mr Butler (including pie ‘n’ peas).

Wind Band – Monday 18th March

Due to the school production of Alice next week we do not have use of the Hall – therefore there is a sectional rehearsal foe ALL flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones and horns in the Drama Studio from 3.30pm-4.45pm. Please ensure that everyone attends unless in the production or on the geography trip.

More Players Needed – Saturday

As you all know, we are hosting the Cumbria Music Hub’s ‘Big Band Day’ this coming Saturday. However, we are disappointed with the number of UVHS instrumentalists who have so far signed up. This will be a brilliant experience as it is with one of the country’s leading saxophonists and big band leaders – Andy Scott. Any student playing any instrument beyond grade 3 standard is welcome to attend (it is £10 each) and will get a lot out of it from both a playing and composing perspective. In particular, all of our sax players & clarinettists should attend as well as those currently studying (or wishing to study) GCSE and/or A Level.

Please, please, please … if you can attend do. Sign up here: