Help Needed Tomorrow

Help!!! We need to get the van unloaded at school tomorrow and there is a LOT of gear from the Summer Concert. If you can spare 30mins of your time at 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon please meet us at school.

Last Night and Next Week’s Rehearsals

Well done to all the students involved in last night’s Summer Concert – some fantastic performances from all of the groups. Mrs H. and Mr B. are proud of each and every student and wish all of the leavers the very best of luck in the future.

Slight change to rehearsals next week:

Monday 8th        Wind Band         3.30-5.15pm

Tuesday 9th        Swing Band       3.30-5.00pm

Thursday 11th    Wind Band         3.30-5.15pm

Friday 12th          Wind Band         3.30-5.00pm (including packing all the equipment)

Saturday 13th   TOUR!!!!!!


We have struggled with attendance at both choirs since the exam season started, but with the Summer Concert on Friday we desperately need well-attended final rehearsals this week.

Full Choir: ALL yr7-13 members of the Choir in A11 Friday lunchtime from 12.55-1.25pm. This includes yr11s and 13s coming in to school for this rehearsal.

Chamber Choir: ALL yr12-13 members on Thursday from 12.45-1.25pm. This includes yr13s coming in.

Wind Band

Fantastic rehearsal this evening as well as a good turn out – our final rehearsal before the Summer Concert is tomorrow (and we have still not managed to play through 2 of the pieces without having to stop) so please could everyone make EVERY effort to be there?

Next week’s rehearsals are for everyone going on tour and will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If things are going well by the end of Tuesday’s rehearsal we may well cancel Thursday’s and change it to a Swing Band rehearsal. Full attendance at all please.

Raffle – Fri 5th

As usual we will be holding a raffle at the Summer Concert. If you are in a position to be able to donate a prize (bottle/chocolates/flowers/a cake) please send it in to the Music Dept before Friday 5th.

Wind Band Reharsals – please read

Tomorrow: in a change to the schedule, we need everyone available at the rehearsal, even if they are not going on tour!

Monday: we need everyone there!

Tuesday 2nd: this is now a FULL WIND BAND REHEARSAL as well. Everyone needs to be there!

Thursday 4th: rehearsal cancelled due to yr12 Parents’ Evening

Friday 5th: CONCERT!!! (aaaaagh)