Rehearsals this term – Swing & Wind Bands

This is the rehearsal schedule for the next 6 weeks running into the Dance Show (with Swing Band) on Wed 3rd July, the Summer Concert on Fri 5th July and finally the Wind & Swing Band tour. We need students to get to all rehearsals (although yr11 & yr13 are excused the next couple of weeks due to exams – this evening’s Wind Band rehearsal was sparse in several areas due to other year group students not attending and not informing me).

Fri7thJuneFull Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Mon10thJuneFull Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
 Fri14thJuneFull Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Sat15thJuneLBB @ Fine Fest7pm-9pmOld Friends
Mon17thJuneFull Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
 Fri21stJuneFull Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Mon24thJuneFull Wind Banduntil 5.00pmHall
Thurs27thJuneTour Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Fri28thJuneFull Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Mon1stJulyFull Wind Banduntil 5.00pmHall
Tue2ndJulyFull Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Wed3rdJulyFull Swing Band (DANCE SHOW)7.00pm-9.00pmCoronation Hall
Thu4thJulyFull Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Fri5thJulySUMMER CONCERT7.00pm-9.00pmCoronation Hall
Mon8thJulyTour Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Wed10thJulyTour Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Thu11thJulyTour Swing Banduntil 4.45pmHall
Fri12thJulyTour Wind Band           (& packing)until 4.45pmHall

Swing Band

Fantastic gig at Holker last Friday – well done to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO rehearsal tomorrow (we’re all shattered). Have a good half-term break and come back refreshed – the Dance Show is on Wed 3rd July!!!

Swing Band Gig – Friday: Details

Location:             Lower Holker Village Hall  Contact | Holker Village Hall (;   lower holker village hall – Search ( /// The simplest way to talk about location

Arrive:                  BY 7pm so that we can set everything up

Start:                    7.30pm

Uniform:              Swing Band shirts – free choice bottoms/footwear

End:                      9.30pm

Audience:            Tickets on the door – bring own refreshments & snacks; cabaret style