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This coming week – please read carefully

This is a busy week, with GCSE practical exams on Monday & Thursday (all students have their exam times) and then the visit of the Royal Marines on Friday and Saturday, not to mention the school production of Hairspray in a few weeks (tickets on sale from

Please make sure that you have read the info below and that ALL students know what they are doing, when and where.

WIND BAND rehearsals: 

Monday from 3.30pm-5.15pm (notice later finish time) as well as

Thursday from 3.30pm-5pm (those yr12/13 students teaching primary students are excused at those times as they will have to cancel on Thursday 21st March due to Hairspray)

Saturday no rehearsal. HOWEVER the Marines will be giving a careers presentation to students and/or parents at 12.30pm in the Supper Room. I would like as many musicians as possible (and/or parents) to attend this, not only to see what a careers in Forces music is like but also to show support for the Service – this weekend’s visit has been massively subsidised by their recruitment team (to the tune of about £4.5k) as UVHS has done so much with them in the past and 7 former students have gone through them. Without this financial support e could not afford to host them.

Arrive at The Coro between 6.50pm and 7.05pm in Wind Band uniform and take instrument to the ante-room (we are NOT allowed in the downstairs dressing rooms). Leave cases in the ante-room and take instrument on-stage to sort out chair/stand/music. After our set, those students playing in the massed band finale need to keep hold of their instruments; those not need to put instruments in cases and leave them in the ante-room. Students will watch the Marines set and finale (if they are not playing) from the side-aisles.


No rehearsal Friday – Arrive at The Coro between 7pm and 7.10pm in Swing Band uniform. Set starts at 7.30pm – we are using the ante-room as our case room. We are playing until 8.30/8.45pm.  Food from 8.30pm. Marines Dance Band from 9.15pm-ish.


All players already have the info for rehearsals on Friday (3.45-5.15pm) and Saturday (12.30-3.30pm).


There will be a rehearsal with the Marines Corps of Drums at 1.05pm on Saturday at The Coro.

Wind Band Tour

Reminder!!  –  all students going on tour MUST have their own passport (we are not taking a group passport). Due to possible imminent changes in European relations it is imperative that any renewals/applications are done as soon as possible so that ‘start dates’ are not too close to our departure dates.