Monthly Archives: September 2020

Help! Missing Instruments

We are missing some instruments!!!! If you have left UVHS or are still a students but have finished lessons, please return your instrument (especially a tuba and bari sax!). Likewise, any member of the Swing Band who has left must return their uniform shirt, as it is owned by our charity, Friends of UVHS Music

Also – music lessons are starting tomorrow with brass, and then guitars on Friday. Everyone should have received an email with their times. All other lessons begin on Monday and times will be emailed out over the next few days – they are also posted on the Music noticeboard.

A reminder that we cannot now send a runner to students who have forgotten to attend their lesson – please make your child aware of their time each week.

URGENT!!! School Instruments & Instrumental Lessons

Hello everyone and a belated Happy September – welcome to the ‘new normal’!

This is a plea to last year’s yr11 and yr13 students who have left UVHS – if you have a school instrument at home please return it to me as soon as possible. We seem to have a shortage in school and are trying to get instrumental lessons up and running again.

For everyone else (in yrs 8-13), you should have received an email from me earlier this week. We are hoping to re-commence lessons next Thursday (if possible). Your instrumental teacher will email out the rotas each week – rotas will also be posted on the noticeboard as usual.

As far as ensembles are concerned – we are not currently able to start up the extra-curricular timetable, but as soon as we are able to get small groups playing again we will let you know. Obviously there will be no band tour this summer, but we are hoping that the global situation will change over time and allow us to plan a European tour in July 2022 – I know it seems a long way off, but it does give us a target to work to and real objective from a personal practice and rehearsal point of view.