Monthly Archives: December 2018

Little Big Band tonight

A reminder to the LBB that we are playing at The Olde Mill (Bardsea) tonight – arrive at 7pm, finish 9.45pm but the party continues until 11.30pm-ish. As this is a ‘rotating band’, any other players can also bring their instrument (or just mouthpiece) and swap seats.

Also, taxi drivers (parents!) are more than welcome to stay – there is ample food.

Wind Band shirts

Does anyone have a spare Wind Band shirt (the pink one)?? A couple of players have orders that have not yet been delivered.

If so … please bring them to school tomorrow morning – otherwise it’s my XXL shirts they will be wearing (as dresses!!)

Arrangements for tomorrow – reminder

Just a reminder to all parents AND students about the arrangements for tomorrow (please pass on this info either tonight and/or in the morning to jog their memory):

all the performers in tomorrow’s concert are going for an early lunch at 11.45am (end of p3). Years 7-10 must go to the dining room for food and will then be registered in the Cloister before walking down to The Coro at 12.25pm. Years 11-13 will be registered at The Coro at 12.40pm before the rehearsal starts at 12.45pm.

If you are coming to see the concert I hope you enjoy it, and may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Misplaced alto sax

If your child plays alto sax, it is in a soft case and s/he has brought it home tonight, please check it is actually theirs! One of the yr13s brought her sax in this morning but it was not in the storeroom after school when she came to band practice.

Hairspray – band

The first band call for Hairspray is next Friday (21st December) from 12.35-1.30pm in the Stoller Suite.  Please bring lunch to the rehearsal.#

We will try to play through:

Prologue, 1, 2, 14a, 18, 20 and 22/23.

Swing Band Cancelled

Tomorrow’s Swing Band rehearsal is cancelled  –  first rehearsal of 2019 will be Friday 11th January in preparation of the concert in Broughton on Saturday 26th Jan.

Merry Christmas to all the band members!!!!!