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Brilliant Event Coming To The Coro

On Sunday 9th July the amazing ‘Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble is coming to The Coro’. This will be a really exciting and inspiring event for all UVHS musicians if they get the opportunity to go –

Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble has played major shows everywhere from The Royal Albert Hall to Fairport’s Cropredy Convention and Towersey and Shambala festivals. Not only is the live performance of this 50 piece band/orchestra second to none, you will most likely see the stars of tomorrow, with many leading artists on the folk scene having been students of Joe’s.

The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble is forever changing, always unique and has an energy & power that is unrivalled; it has to be seen to be believed. Using players from the prestigious Birmingham Conservatoire ensures that the standard of musicianship is top drawer and being led by folk fiddler Joe Broughton (Urban Folk Quartet, Albion Band, Joss Stone) means the music has the feel of a spontaneous folk orchestra and a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Whether you are fully fledged folk fan, lover of any good music or just looking for a fantastic and uplifting music experience we guarantee that this is the gig for you. It also comes highly recommended for inspiring young musicians!

Choir now in the Summer Concert!

Following some justifiable complaints raised today about inclusivity, we have reversed our decision on the Choir performing in the Summer Concert at The Coro on Monday 10th July .  However, as we have had so few rehearsals since the Chamber Concert in May and there is a strike day next Friday the adapted rehearsal schedule is below.  Please could all the yr11 and yr13 singers make every effort to come in for these rehearsals, especially those who were soloists at the Chamber Concert (they will have to sign in at reception and yr11 MUST be in uniform)?  We really need everyone to attend rehearsals.


Wed 28th June     12.55pm-1.25pm

Friday 30th June   12.55pm-1.25pm

Thurs 6th June      12.55pm-2pm

There is no rehearsal for any group on the day of the concert.

Many apologies for the changes and apologies for any upset caused.

Wind Band & Tour Band Rehearsals – change to schedule

Due to a Parents’ Evening next Thursday we are calling a Tour Band rehearsal on Friday 7th July until 5.30pm, even though it is a strike day and only yrs 10 & 12 are in. Please could all the tour band make every effort to attend?

Thurs29thJuneTour Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Fri30thJuneTour Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Mon3rdJulyFull Wind Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Thurs6thJulyTour Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Fri7thJulyTour Banduntil 5.30pmHall
Mon10thJulySUMMER CONCERT7.00pm-9.00pmCoronation Hall
Wed12thJulyTour Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Thu13thJulyTour Banduntil 5.15pmHall
Fri14thJulyTour Band (& packing)until 4.45pmHall

Swing Band

Well Done!!!!!! Last night’s concert in Cark was great – I am so proud of all the players involved. It was a demanding set list which everyone tackled with confidence (and seemed to enjoy it as well). I am so lucky to be able to work with such talented peaople!

One request – I would have unloaded the van today but my helper (Oscar) decided to dislocate his shoulder yesterday so cannot help me as usual, and Perdi claims she is not big enough to carry all the amps! If any student is willing/able to lend a hand for 20/30 mins tomorrow I will be at school just after 11am to unload everything. Thank you in advance!!!!