Monthly Archives: May 2019

Great gig and good press coverage

Fantastic gig from the Swing Band at Millom on Friday – congratulations to all players, I was SO proud of each and every one! Absolutely cracking performance which would make most other schools (and quite a few university music departments) green with envy.

Also … great coverage of the Wind Band in The Mail today:

URGENT!!!!!! Italy Tour – paperwork

There are still 5 students who have not returned their personal details form for the Wind Band tour to Italy.  I have attached it below – please could it be filled in and then either given or emailed to me tomorrow? I need to get all the info typed up and submitted before Friday.

Swing Band – concert this Friday

A reminder that Swing Band have a concert at Millom Palladium this Friday so there is no rehearsal.

All students need to arrive by 7pm in full band uniform to help set up. The concert will finish at 9.30pm. Tickets are available on the door.  Set list is here:

Italy Tour – Form C

There are still 15 Health and Safety forms outstanding for the Italy Tour. Please could all pupils make sure they are completed and returned at the beginning of next week as I cannot proceed further with logistical planning until I have all the information.

Many thanks, Mr B.