Monthly Archives: June 2020

A Happy Memory

Hello all – I was just going through the school video library and found this; John Williams’ ‘Olympic Fanfare’ that we recorded back in October after a couple of rehearsals (I guess you can spot that from the odd note going astray and the fact that it’s on the slow side. We were going to open our concert with the Marines in March with this, and it was sounding amazing on March 9th – no wrong notes and fast!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it – feel free to share…

Challenge #3 – mixed intervals

Now then my young paduans, the next UVHS Music Challenge is here (I know … you’ve been waiting for this all day/week/month/year/lifetime – delete as appropriate). This one is a brilliant technique challenge for everyone apart from pianists (sorry guys!). See the video below – without counting all my fluffs – and then print off the attached sheet music and see how you go.

The Great UVHS Music Challenge!

Well … it’s not such a great challenge, but in an attempt to make sure everyone is playing (following the end of the ‘Clap For The NHS’ run of performances), I am going to post a challenge every Friday for members of all the ensembles to try and complete – and also improve some part of their playing.

This week’s challenge is more aimed at wind players and singers, and is to do with breathing and air control, but string players, keyboard players could adapt it to focus on speed and accuracy. So … watch the video and see how you do (the video will only play via Office 365 and/or TEAMS).