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Royal Marines Concert – Online

On Saturday, at 7.30pm, the Royal Marines are streaming the recording of this year’s Mountbatten Festival of Music on their Youtube channel. This was staged in February at the Royal Albert Hall and is a SPECTACULAR concert.

With a programme including Stevie Wonder, Two Steps From Hell, The Music Man Project UK and drummers from the Koninklijke Marine, it will be an amazing evening of musical entertainment for everyone. I really recommend that all UVHS music students watch it (it will remain on their channel for some time if you miss it) – especially the yr10 & yr12 students going down to Portsmouth on work experience next week!!!!

Watch it here: The Bands of HM Royal Marines – YouTube

Summer Concert – Mon 10th July

Tickets for the Summer Concert @ The Coro have now gone on sale via The Coro website. The concert starts at 7pm and will feature the Junior Band, Swing Band, String Ensemble, Choir and Wind Band (prior to the concert tour to France). We will also be saying farewell to our brilliant yr13s.

Please ‘encourage’ as many family/friends/colleagues to come along as you can.

Wind Band

After several Mondays off, Wind Band rehearsals are back from tomorrow every week, from 3.30-5.15pm as we start the big push towards the Summer Concert and tour. Please could yr7-10 and yr12 students make sure they attend all rehearsals if at all possible. Yr11 & yr13 – hopefully they can make most rehearsals but I totally understand the pressures, especially if they have Tuesday morning exams: good luck to everyone!

Attendance at rehearsals this week

It is imperative that we have FULL attendance at all lunchtime rehearsals this week as the Chamber Concert is on Friday evening (Swing Band is cancelled on Friday due to the concert). School Choir, String Group, Senior Flute Choir, Sax Ensemble, Clarinet Choir & Brass Ensemble.

Chamber Concert Arrangements

The following info has started going out to students about next Friday’s Chamber Concert.

Chamber Concert

Friday 19th May, 2023

Main Hall @ 7pm

Choir                            Brass Ensemble              Clarinet Choir

Sax Ensemble              Flute Choir                      String Group

  • Concert begins at 7pm (should finish by 8pm).
  • Please be at school by 6.50pm. There will be incidental music from 6.45pm.
  • All instrument cases in Stoller Suite and warm-up before 7pm.  All students will be in the audience for the concert (with their instruments).
  • Concert Dress:  Wind Band uniform for those that have it (pink shirts, black bottoms/socks/shoes); school uniform for all others.

Entry is free – please try to encourage as many friends & family to come and support all of the fantastic work that has been done in the Music Dept. at lunchtimes since September!

Concert Dates May-July – please put in your diaries

Friday 19th May – Chamber Concert @ UVHS Main Hall (flute & clarinet choirs, brass and sax ensembles, string group, choir) 7pm-8pm. Entry Free

Saturday 17th June – Jazz Combo @ The Old Friends (Another Fine Fest in Ulverston) 7pm-9pm

Friday 23rd June – Swing Band Concert @ Lower Holker Village Hall (public concert, entry on the door – cabaret seating, feel free to bring food/drink) 7.30pm-9.30pm

Wednesday 5th July – Dance Show @ The Coro (no bands playing but will be a great show!) 7pm-9pm. Tickets on sale through The Coro in a few weeks

Monday 10th July – Summer Concert @ The Coro (Junior Band, Choir, Swing Band & Wind Band) 7pm-9pm. Tickets on sale through The Coro in a few weeks

Sat 15th – Thu 20th July – Wind Band Tour

If any students cannot make a concert that a group they are in is performing at, Mr Butler MUST know asap.

Combo – URGENT

Really sorry – we were meant to have a Combo rehearsal tomorrow after school. Unfortunately I also have a twilight INSET session which I had forgotten about…..

The rehearsal is now on THURSDAY after school until 4.40pm – please could ALL players do their best to be there? (Jess, Elisa, Rebecca, Hazel, Henry, Tash, Braden, Tess, Jamie, Will, Oli and Gillian)