Monthly Archives: December 2023

Last Night

…………………………. Again, I have been rendered speechless!

I am SO proud of all the performers in last night’s Christmas Festival!! It was a fantastic performance by all involved – both myself and Mrs H. know how lucky and privileged we are being able to work with the students at UVHS, and last night proved the point.

Thank you to all students and parents for your hard work and support.

Swing Band – tomorrow

I’m afraid that I have to cancel tomorrow afternoon’s Swing Band rehearsal – I am so sorry. However, we still need to load the van for Little Big Band at 3.30pm, so could those players stay behind for 15 minutes if at all possible??

Little Big Band need to be at The Farmers, Lowick, by 3.20pm on Saturday dressed in Swing Band shirts (or black shirts) – own choice bottoms.

The Coro – Wednesday

If you have not heard, the heating at The Coro has broken down. Although have some large industrial heaters to use when the hall is empty, these cannot be on when an audience is in, so please wrap up warm on Wednesday evening.

Also, programmes are £1 each (with all the words for the carols as well as a complimentary entry form for the ‘spot the tune’ competition) as are raffle tickets. Both are cash-only I’m afraid as we cannot process card payments.

UVHS Panto

For the first time ever we are giving a public performance of our 6th Form Panto (it is usually just performed to all our local primary schools and yr7 over 2 performances).

The additonal performance is at 7pm tomorrow night at The Coro – tickets are £3 each on the door and it has a run-time of just under 1 hour. All are welcome!!!!

Christmas Festival – Raffle

Urgent request for some raffle prizes please!!!! We are running a ‘Spot The Tune’ competition with a 1st prize as well as the usual raffle which usually raises a lot of our much-needed funds.

Also – if anyone is willing/able to help run the raffle from 6.40pm-7.30pm and/or at the interval, please do let me know.

Many thanks.

Wind Band

With school being closed tomorrow, Wind Band will obviously NOT be on. Please coud everyone make every effort to make a replacement rehearsal on Friday 8th 3.30-5pm? I had already cancelled Swing Band due to a prior commitment of mine, but we really need this rehearsal as the Festival is on the 13th.