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Swing Band – Paris tour

The videos from the Paris tour have now been uploaded to YouTube – needless to say, I am a VERY proud music teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bastille Day Concert from Disneyland:
Paris International Music Festival from Jardin de Luxembourg:
Please feel free to share this with family and friends, as well as through social media – the more that the department’s reputation is spread the better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing trumpet & rehearsals

Dear All,

A Yamaha trumpet went missing from the store-room yesterday afternoon between lunchtime and Wind Band. It is in a modern black Yamaha case with red trim on the front (just like the alto sax cases, and the same size). If your child is a trumpeter or alto sax player please check their cases to see if they may have taken the wrong instrument home – we have a very worried student (and parents).

On this note, please could everyone either tag their own cases or put an identification note inside so that we always know which instrument belongs to which student  –  a lot of cases are the same!!

Also … due to delays in delivery, the scheduled pre-audition ‘HAIRSPRAY!’ rehearsal tomorrow is postponed until next Wednesday. Instead there will be a Percussion Ensemble rehearsal at lunchtime and and the usual Chamber Choir rehearsal at 1.25pm

OPEN EVENING (Thursday) – Senior Flute Choir & Sax Ensemble are playing from 5.50pm-6.40pm and Percussion Ensemble from 6.40pm-7.30pm.  All students in Wind Band uniform please (pink shirts, black bottoms & shoes).

Friends of UVHS Performing Arts

The first meeting of The Friends will be next Tuesday (18th) at 6pm in the Meeting Room (A Block).  All parents are welcome to attend (you don’t have to have been before) – no commitment.  We usually meet about once every half term in order to assess and plan Performing Arts’ events and funding.

On the agenda will be

  • Bank balance
  • review of summer concert and swing band tour
  • Christmas Festival ticketing
  • Pantomime
  • Royal Marines concerts
  • School Musical – ‘Hairspray’
  • Wind Band Italy tour