Monthly Archives: September 2017

Instrumental lessons & ensemble rehearsals

A reminder that instrumentals lessons begin tomorrow (except guitars):

Piano:  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Drums:  Mon, Tues

Singing: Wed

Brass:  Wed, Thurs

Strings:  Tues

Clarinet/Sax:  Wed, Thurs, Fri

Flute: Every day

Guitar:  will be Mon, Fri

All rehearsals are now on  –  the link to all groups is here:


Lunchtime rehearsals & lessons

All instrumental lessons start from Monday – timetables will all be up on the A14 noticeboard by Friday morning. All instrumental teachers are in on the same days as last year.

Lunchtime rehearsals start THIS Friday with Choir in A11 at 12.55 (lunch passes are available from me)

Mon  –  Clarinet Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Senior Flute Choir

Tues  –  Sax Ensemble, String Orchestra

Wed  –  Music Theory, School Production (music)

Thurs  –  Junior Band, Brass Ensemble

Fri  – Choir

There will be a Junior Flute Choir (Yr7-9) starting soon on Mondays, at which point Senior Flute Choir will move to Thursdays.

Message to the Germany Tour clarinet section!!

Please could all the clarinetists who went to Germany check their instruments. One student has realized that she took the wrong instrument home in July – her clarinet is a buffet but with a different make mouthpiece an a Vandooren reed.

If it hasn’t been found by next week we will also check clarinets during lessons with Miss Reed.

Updated Calendar

I have just updated this year’s calendar – please check dates and keep a note of them.  Quite a few more Swing Band bookings to come in, as well as the Marines Weekend, Summer Concert and KS3 Boys’ Drama Club production of ‘Lord of the Flies’ in October.

Welcome Back!!!!!!!

Happy “Return To School Week” – we look forward to seeing everyone return on Wednesday or, in terms of Year 12, Friday.

Rehearsals start this Friday as we need to get into the swing of things very quickly, especially for Swing Band.  The full Performing Arts activity timetable will be posted tomorrow but …

Swing Band starts THIS FRIDAY – 8th Sept:   from 3.30pm – 4.45pm.  Please could those students who are members of the band pass the message round.

Wind Band starts on TUESDAY 12th: from 3.30pm – 5pm

Here’s to another fantastic year!!

P.S. – Disneyland Paris have enquired about the availability of Swing Band on Sat 14th and/or Sun 15th July. For the weekend (Depart late on Thurs 12th July, return Monday 16th) we have been quoted £370 per student BUT that is before any subsidy provided by Friends of UVHS Music and/or sponsorship which, I imagine would bring the cost down to around £300. If school gives the OK, letters will be out very shortly.

Initial discussions for the 2019 Wind Band will begin this week…………………  it will be for 8 or 9 days somewhere hot!!