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National Youth Jazz Orchestra – Cumbria Academy

NYJO Academy Flyer 2019

The Cumbria Music Hub has managed to secure funding for a NYJO Cumbria Academy, and it starts next month. Above is the flier with contact details.

Unfortunately, the concert in March clashes with the final night of Hairspray at The Coro, so I apologise to all the players and performers in the show who may have wished to take part with NYJO. However, there will be further opportunities throughout the year (and next year).

If you wish to be involved please apply to the published email addresses.


Well done to the Swing Band following the first formal concert of the year. I thought that everyone played extremely well.

Special congratulations to all the ‘debutants’ – and sorry if you had to sight-read several pieces!!!!! (‘every day is a learning day’!)

Royal Marines Social – tickets now on sale

Tickets are now available for the Royal Marines Social on Friday 1st March.

This is a brilliant evening with one extended set from UVHS Swing Band and then an extended set (or 2 sets) from the Marines Dance Band – lots of dancing and partying!

Swing Band players WILL be fed as well but do not need tickets as they are playing.

Feel free to invite friends/relatives  –  although we will ONLY sell tickets directly to students/parents, there is no limit to how many tickets each student/parent can buy.

Tickets are £10 each including pie’n’peas supper – ONLY available from Mr Butler


Rehearsals start straight away

All rehearsals will resume tomorrow –

lunchtime music ensembles are preparing for upcoming GCSE performance exams;

various ‘Hairspray’ rehearsals will be taking place throughout each week (production mid-March) – students must check the rehearsal board outside the Performing Arts office;

Wind Band preparing for the Marines concert in 8 weeks and then the Italy Tour;

Swing Band has first engagement in 3 weeks;

dance groups preparing for the Dance Platform, Brewery Dance and ‘Hairspray’.

Friends meeting – Tuesday

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes to everyone, and a reminder that there is a Friends Of UVHS Performing Arts meeting on Tuesday at 6.15pm in the Memorial Meeting Room. All are welcome to attend and help us in our fundraising plans for 2019.

The meeting usually lasts about 1 hour.