Monthly Archives: July 2020

Challenge #5

OK then – this week’s challenge is a lot more tuneful then the technical exercises of the last 2 weeks, but it does pull together some of the skills that you have (hopefully) been developing. As usual, watch the video (apologies for the mistakes), print off the music and give it a go.

On another point, I am looking for ways in which we can deliver instrumental tuition to some if not all students in September whilst keeping both staff and students as safe as possible – obviously, there can be no rehearsals of any type under current restrictions, which is such a shame considering how well all the groups had been developing.

Anyway – enjoy playing!

Challenge #4

Hello everyone – Happy July (although you’d never think it looking out of the window!). Hope you all enjoyed practising Mixed Intervals and that there weren’t too may outbreaks of anger and frustration.

So – Challenge #4 is here, and it’s getting a little trickier: still looking at intervals and dexterity but now also looking at clean articulation whilst moving around your instrument/voice. These exercises can be done on all instruments/voice – if you’re a bass clef instrument simply take off 3 sharps/add 3 flats to the key signature and read as if in bass clef. Watch the video and then practise throughout the week…. ENJOY!