Monthly Archives: July 2019

Saturday – Verona

Just to report that all 100 of us are safe and well. An ‘interesting’ and very long journey over the last 2 days perfectly finished with a swim and great evening meal watching lightening over the Alps and the Dolomites.

Currently in Verona enjoying beautiful weather and food, as well as the amazing sights.

Tour – parking tomorrow morning

When dropping off students tomorrow morning (at 7.30pm), please do not park in the school carpark as staff will be needing to use it from 7.45pm onwards and we are very short of space,

Also, the actual school bus stop cannot be used as the buses will be using it. Please use the parking bays either side of the road on the station approach to school – the building contractors have now finished at Sandside School so all the bays should be clear.

See you all tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Italy Band

A reminder to all (those who were not at this evening’s rehearsal please take note) that tomorrow’s rehearsal starts at 2.40pm (p6) in the Main Hall.

Students in yr7,8,9,10,12 MUST get permission from their teacher in advance to attend – if they do not give permission you must go to p6 lesson and then join the rehearsal at 3.30pm.

We aim to finish the rehearsal at 4pm followed by packing all equipment – finish at 4.15?,,,,,