Monthly Archives: April 2016

Swing Band Concert – Sat 16th April

A reminder to all members of the Swing Band (and their parents) that the Swing Band has a concert next Saturday (16th April) at Lower Holker Village Hall in Cark. This is an annual concert and quite possibly the highlight of the band’s calendar, due to the lively local following that we have there! If you have a nominated driver that is not you (!) feel free to bring a bottle (or two) and some nibbles  –  you may even end up dancing and/or heckling me!!!!!

Swing Band rehearsals also resume this Friday (3.30 – 4.40pm) following the break before Easter due to our (very successful) production of Carousel.

A2 Final Recitals

The final recitals for our (unusually very small) A2 group take place on Tuesday 12th in the Main Hall from 6pm – 7.20pm.  Performers are:

Ben Lewis (sax), Carla Miller (clarinet) & Michael McCluskey (cello & trumpet)

Entry is free and all are welcome to attend these three 15 minute recitals – Iwould especially encourage any student considering taking A Level Music and those already taking AS Music to attend, so you can see what is expected by the end of Year 13