Welcome Back!!!!!!!

Happy “Return To School Week” – we look forward to seeing everyone return on Wednesday or, in terms of Year 12, Friday.

Rehearsals start this Friday as we need to get into the swing of things very quickly, especially for Swing Band.  The full Performing Arts activity timetable will be posted tomorrow but …

Swing Band starts THIS FRIDAY – 8th Sept:   from 3.30pm – 4.45pm.  Please could those students who are members of the band pass the message round.

Wind Band starts on TUESDAY 12th: from 3.30pm – 5pm

Here’s to another fantastic year!!

P.S. – Disneyland Paris have enquired about the availability of Swing Band on Sat 14th and/or Sun 15th July. For the weekend (Depart late on Thurs 12th July, return Monday 16th) we have been quoted £370 per student BUT that is before any subsidy provided by Friends of UVHS Music and/or sponsorship which, I imagine would bring the cost down to around £300. If school gives the OK, letters will be out very shortly.

Initial discussions for the 2019 Wind Band will begin this week…………………  it will be for 8 or 9 days somewhere hot!!

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