Swing Band – tonight

Could those students who are staying throughout the second half of tonight’s show please help pack up afterwards if they are able to do so? Once the audience has started to leave I need to get all the band gear into the van as well as props etc.


Please could ALL Swing Band players ensure that they have collected their instrument from school before they leave school this afternoon and bring it themselves to The Coro (by 6.45pm at the latest) this evening? I have not taken anything down other than keyboards, drumkit, amps etc.

We are also desperate for any raffle prizes if any families can spare anything.

Thank you!!!!

A Night At The Musicals

For all of you involved in A Night At The Musicals (the school production taking place at The Coro this week), all the arrangements are below. Please read carefully, especially timings and lunch info on Tuesday. There are still some tickets available at A Night at the Musicals – The Coro .

MondayRehearsalSchool – Main Hall    ‘Drama’ cast  3:30 – 5:30pm  
MondayRehearsalSchool – Gym  ‘Lion King’ dancers3.30pm-4.30pm  
TuesdayDress and Tech@ The Coro – Bring a packed lunch OR get a grab-a-bag and eat it asap; register in the Drama studio at 12:55pm; walk down the The Coro with staff; Tech Rehearsal starts at 1.30pm; Dress Rehearsal starts between 4.15pm and 4.30pm.Whole Cast – all drama & all dancers12:55pm – 6:30pm
WednesdaySHOWEither stay at school with a packed tea and then walk down to The Coro, or go home and then meet at the CORO at 5:30pmWhole Cast & Swing Band5:45pm call time
ThursdaySHOWEither stay at school with a packed tea and then walk down to The Coro, or go home and then meet at the CORO at 5:30pmWhole Cast & Swing Band5:45pm call time

Swing Band will not be rehearsing before the show and is playing at the beginning of the second half each night. Players need to be at The Coro by 6.45pm on Wed & Thu in band shirts (or black shirts) and black bottoms & shoes. Instrument cases are to go in the Ante Room, just off the foyer. If any yr13 or yr12 players are able to arrive before 6.30pm and help with the raffle and programmes either night I would be very grateful.

Finally – if anyone has any items that could be donated for the raffle we would again be very grateful – please send them to the Music Office.

Music Rehearsals

A reminder that, due to the school show at The Coro this week, there is no Wind Band or Swing Band rehearsal this week. However, ALL lunchtime rehearsals are on and we need full attendance at all of them as we are planning a Chamber Concert in May for all the small groups.

Wind & Swing Rehearsals Next Week

Monday’s Wind Band rehearsal (27th March) will be extended until 5.15pm as (due to the final rehearsal for A Night At The Musicals) there will be no rehearsal on the first Monday back after Easter – 17th April. Also, as we will be missing 2 rehearsals in May due to bank holidays, future rehearsals will be extended to 5pm.

The next 2 Swing Band rehearsals (24th & 31st March) will be extended to 4.45pm to prepare for the school show.

Recital Tomorrow – reminder

Just a reminder that Jess Hartley will be performing her A Level recital in the Main Hall tomorrow at 4pm – the last email said she was playing clarinet…. that should have read alto saxophone (just shows how versatile she is!!). All are welcome.

Swing Band – school show

Swing Band are performing at The Coro on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th April (7pm start) as part of our school show, A Night At The Musicals. It promises to be a fantastic show covering a wide range of musicals, old and new, that have graced Broadway and the West End. Swing Band will be opening the second half.

Letters will be out on Friday for players, but please come along to support the show as well as promoting it with friends, family & colleagues. Tickets are available through The Coro here: A Night at the Musicals – The Coro .

A Level Recital – next Thursday

We will be staging a public A Level recital next Thursday featuring Jess Hartley on clarinet. This will also be a recorded performance for the exam board. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend – it will start just after 4pm and will last approximately 15 minutes (unless we need to re-record it).

I thoroughly recommend and yr12 Music students and potential A Level students to attend (so that they know what to expect).

Any Photos?

If anyone has any good photos of either the Friday and/or Saturday night’s performances with the Marines, please could you email them to me at rbu@uvhs.uk?

Many thanks.