Wind Band Rehearsal – tomorrow

I know it seems a bit cruel as I expect a lot of us are shattered, but there is a Wind Band rehearsal after school tomorrow and I need at least all the students going on tour to attend (as well as everyone else if possible). There is no rehearsal on Monday 6th as it is Bank Holiday and then we are in GCSE and A Level exam season so will have various yr11 and yr13 students struggling to make rehearsals for 6 weeks – once exam are finished we only have 2 scheduled rehearsals until the Summer Concert on 5th July, and then only 1 week until tour….. aaaaaaagh!!!!


What a concert last night!!!! What a weekend!!!

Well done to all students involved in this weekend’s concerts with the Royal Marines – I am SO proud of each and every one of our musicians! The videos of the concert are now live: the UVHS Wind Band set is here UVHS Wind Band With HM Band of Royal Marines Scotland 2024 ( (gives the students a chance to see what the Corps of Drums was doing during the Olympic Fanfare), and the Massed Band set is here The Massed Band of UVHS and HM Band of Royal Marines Scotland 2024 ( (including the encore of Highlights from Barbie).

Help Tonight

Please could those adults able to help with the raffle and programmes tonight (we need at least 5 people to be effective and keep the queue moving) be at The Coro by 6.35pm? Doors will open by 6.45pm and every sale of a programme or raffle ticket makes a difference.

Marines Presentation – please don’t forget!

Please don’t forget the careers presentation from the Marines at 12.30pm in The Coro TODAY! Everyone is welcome to attend (students, parents, friends) but we need to make sure it is well attended – especially as the Marines are once again pulling out all the stops on this visit (and have funded a lot of it as well).

Music for the Massed Band

The Marines have just sent a link through for all the music for the massed band. Please could all massed band players print off their own parts for every piece, as well as the Barbie parts that I have emailed them, and make sure that they have the music with them at the rehearsals tomorrow and on Saturday?

Download link

Any problems, let me know

Tickets Available for Saturday

Saturday’s joint concert with the Royal Marines is a complete sell-out. However, two pairs of tickets have become available if anyone is interested?

2 x Balcony at £22 each

2 x Mid Stalls at £10 each

Please contact if interested.

Swing Band – arrangements for tomorrow

Just a reminder of the timings for tomorrow night:


Arrangements for Fri 26th April

  • Arrive at The Coro at 7pm (audience cannot get in before 7.10pm)
  • Instrument cases in the ant-room (just off the foyer)
  • Set up pad/stand etc on stage

7.30pm-ish                     UVHS Swing Band set

                                                1 hour set

  • Audience will get food before we finish
  • Once we have finished the set we must quickly take our instruments and pads off stage and back into the ante-room
  • Once instruments are packed away YOU MAY EAT!!!!!!!!
  • Enjoy the rest of the evening!!!
  • 11.00 finish
  • SATURDAY – ‘Music in the Forces’ careers presentation @12.30pm in The Coro. Try to attend!

Marines Weekend – Massed Band Players

Just a reminder of what has already been emailed to every student involved:

Royal Marines Concert

Saturday 27th April

The Royal Marines would like you to play with their band as a ‘senior player’ for the massed band finale on 27th April. In order to do this you MUST be available for the following 2 rehearsals:

Friday 26th April                3.45pm – 5.15pm @ The Coro

Saturday 27th April           12.30pm – 3.30pm @ The Coro

If you possess one of the dark blue ‘travelling’ polo shirts or a Music hoodie it would be great if you could wear it for one or both of those rehearsals.

Briana S.Freya L.Mariana Q.Will J.-B.Braden J.Oli H.
Charlie C.Elisa I.Daisy T.Andrew D.Molly K.Ted C.
Ruth L. (picc)Katherine G.Lily T.Ethan P.Sam D.Dan W.
Sarah L.Rowan P.Grace L.Sean K.Nathan T.Sophie J.
Noah F.Evie W.-W. Briony M.Seb H.Anna L.
Cody C.Holly MacP. Charlie P. Rhiannon S,
 Ezri K. Rachel G.Bass Gtr
 Ewan S. (bass) Nuala S.

Once I know the rest of the ‘massed band’ programme I will send links to you (they are below).  However, I have also attached the MP3 and parts for ‘Barbie’ for your section – please have a quick look at all the parts (as I don’t know where the Marines will put you).

Pixar Movie Magic arranged by Michael Brown (

Pastime With Good Company – arr. Philip Sparke (

Men of Honor (Ar. I Hutchinson) (

WIND  BAND – arrangements for Saturday

This letter was given out at Wind Band rehearsal today. Please read.

Arrangements for Sat 27th April.

  • ‘Music in the Forces’ careers presentation @12.30pm in The Coro. Try to attend!

For the concert:

  • Arrive at The Coro between 6.40pm and 7.05pm at the latest (audience cannot get in before 6.40pm). Full band uniform – pink shirt/black trousers/skirt/black shoes & socks.
  • Instrument cases in the ant-room (just off the foyer). You are NOT allowed downstairs into the dressing rooms, we can only use the ante-room!
  • Set up pad/stand etc on stage

Provisional timings for the concert

7.30pm                           UVHS Wind Band set

                                                35 minute set

     8.05pm                            Interval

     8.30pm                            Royal Marines set

     9.05pm                            Massed Band finale (players know who they are

     9.45pm                            Finish

  • Once we have finished the set we must quickly take our instruments and pads off stage and back into the ante-room. Massed Band players must keep hold of their instruments, everyone else pack them away and leave in the ante-room.
  • For the second part of the concert we are standing in the aisles (quietly) to watch – massed band players keep instruments with them.  Also, watch out for the drummers marching in and out, you will need to stand by the walls to let them march past or they will kick you!!!!
  • After 2nd part, massed band players quickly get sorted on stage. Remainder stay in the aisles to watch quietly.