Swing Band – arrangements for tomorrow

Just a reminder of the timings for tomorrow night:


Arrangements for Fri 26th April

  • Arrive at The Coro at 7pm (audience cannot get in before 7.10pm)
  • Instrument cases in the ant-room (just off the foyer)
  • Set up pad/stand etc on stage

7.30pm-ish                     UVHS Swing Band set

                                                1 hour set

  • Audience will get food before we finish
  • Once we have finished the set we must quickly take our instruments and pads off stage and back into the ante-room
  • Once instruments are packed away YOU MAY EAT!!!!!!!!
  • Enjoy the rest of the evening!!!
  • 11.00 finish
  • SATURDAY – ‘Music in the Forces’ careers presentation @12.30pm in The Coro. Try to attend!

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