Royal Marines Band Service – virtual work experience

Virtual look at life course- 15th/16th February 2021. Perform virtually with the Royal Marines Band! CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – 1st Feb!!!!!!!!!!!

As part of the virtual work experience course taking place in February, you get the exciting opportunity to virtually perform alongside the Royal Marines Band!

Open to all young musicians aged 14+, those who attend will be given a behind the scenes tour of The Royal Marines School of Music and the opportunity to pose live questions to musicians currently in training. There will also be a discussion with the Director of Music (Training) on the application and audition process and how to best present yourself at each stage. Each day the group will also split into breakout rooms for their choice of “My Career” presentation; an opportunity to hear from a musician or bugler about their background, time in training and career so far, with time available for questions and discussion at the end.

All those attending will be given an insight into the fitness requirements to join, all of the RMBS #MoreThanMusic opportunities and will also be given the option to play alongside the Royal Marines Band Service in a collaborative project. The course is designed to give young people a taste of what life is like in the RMBS and to get the most out of the experience musicians should be approximately grade 5 or above.

Virtual look at life course- 15th/16th February 2021

There is a very tight turnaround for this – closing on 1st February.

Please email to find out more or to apply now!


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