Happy New Year (a little late)

Hello everyone, and a very belated HNY to everyone. Life has changed dramatically and the ‘new norm’, without rehearsals or concerts, has led me to get rather behind in communicating with you all.

Obviously, online teaching has resulted in many changes to the way in which we are all working and living, but you should all have had communication from our instrumental teachers about online music lessons, and these should be running smoothly – if this has not happened and you want lessons, please get in touch with me as soon as possible (rbu@uvhs.uk).

I will be sending out several more posts straight after this with links to existing and new musical initiatives being provided through the Cumbria Music Hub – if you would like your child to get involved in any then please contact the relevant people/organisations on each post. I really would recommend that students consider this – as and when we are allowed rehearsals again in school it will be a huge ‘shock to the system’, so any involvement in online music-making and learning will be positive.

As said, please read each of the posts and consider getting involved.

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