Rehearsals, tour etc.

Wind Band and Swing Band rehearsals go ahead as normal this coming week. If everyone who is able to do so can attend that would be fantastic as, for Wind Band in particular, we will start work on the additional repertoire for tour.

Swing Band’s next concert (at Holker) at the end of April has been cancelled.

TOUR – at the moment this is still going ahead.  In terms of insurance, we will only get our money back if the government extends the ban on school trips abroad OR Belgium refuses to accept group visits in July. We must, at the moment, continue as normal in terms of planning.

Marines Visit – we have now managed to get a refund from Premier Inn for Friday night, which has recouped £1800.  Obviously we are out-of-pocket in terms of income from the whole weekend as we would have expected to profit by about £1,500 (at least half of which would have been the raffle) – which does affect tour a little. However, we are investigating the possibility of the visit happening in early July.

Refunds – The Coronation Hall are dealing with refunds for Saturday night’s concert. For the Friday night event, if you would like a refund, please send your tickets in to the Music Office with your child and we will give a cash refund.Start writing or type / to choose a block

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