Concert Uniform – price increases

I have just been informed by Coniston Embroidery that they are having to increase their prices by between 3% and 3.5% with effect from next Monday. Therefore it may be an idea for Wind Band members to get orders in in the next couple of days.

All members of the Wind Band MUST have an ‘Polo (Italy 2019)’ shirt irrespective of whether they are going on tour – this is the shirt that has been worn by the band since last summer, so everyone should have one. However, those students going on tour may wish to have a second shirt in order to reduce the unique distinct odour that comes from sweating out a concert and then travelling back to the hotel in the same shirt on 4 consecutive days!!

If at all possible we do like band members also to have a ‘Supporter’s Polo Shirt’, which is the dark blue shirt that also has names or nicknames embroided on the back – these are to be worn (by those that have them) on the outward journey. Those students who went on the Swing Band Tour last year should already have one.

Finally  Рall Year 11, 12 & 13 are welcome to purchase a Sixth Form Music Hoodie Рthese are fully logo-ed and also have names/nicknames on the front.

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