Booths Bag-Pack

This is a really important day for our fundraising – last year we took just under £1,000.  Please email Mr B. at if you can sign up to one of the 4 90 minute shifts – only adults and Year 12+ students are permitted to bag pack at the tills, although younger students can old a bucket.

The ensemble performance times are:

10.00am & 1.00pm – Brass Ensemble     

10.45am & 1.45pm – Clarinet Choir

11.30am & 2.30pm – Sax Ensemble

12.15pm & 3.15pm – Chamber Choir

Bag-Pack shift are:

  1. 10.00-11.30
  2. 11.30-1.00
  3. 1.00-2.30
  4. 2.30-4.00

Please, please try to help if you can….


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