We are in desperate need of mince pies and a few good raffle prizes for Tuesday  –  can you help?????  Only 2 packets of pies are currently in the office – we probably need 60-70 packets – although we do have 3 good raffle prizes already.

Also, only 6 adults have so far volunteered to bag-pack on Saturday 17th December (there will be a few Year 13s filling in where needed, but we must have a majority of parents), where we would hope to be able to make enough money to complete the fundraising for the Wind Band tour.  Please email Mr B a.s.a.p. on to volunteer a time slot – we need at least 6 ‘bodies’ each slot

10.00am Ali Kyle Jane Wilson
11.30am  ? Emily Brice
2.30pm Christine Spencer Louise Steur Di Pamenter

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