Help Needed!!!

I desperately need help from some adults on both Friday and Saturday evening. We struggled at the Christmas concert with only 2 or 3 volunteers. Luckily some parents of past students stepped in when Mrs Green and myself had to go to get ready for the first half. Please come and help if you can.

FRIDAY: 2 people needed on the door to check tickets (everyone attendee needs to keep their ticket) as people come in. Needed from 7pm-7.45pm, then 1 person from 7.45-8.15pm. The doors into to the hall will be open so you can see/hear the Swing Band.

SATURDAY: 5 people needed to sell programs and sell raffle tickets (the raffle is our profit so we need to sell as many as possible – stunning prizes though!!!!!!). Needed from 6.35pm-7.30pm and then at the interval as well.

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