Big Band Day @ UVHS with Andy Scott

We are delighted to be welcoming professional jazz saxophonist and composer, Andy Scott, to UVHS on Saturday 16th March for a Big Band Day. Details are below and I would encourage all members of the bands who can attend to do so – he is a brilliant educator and musician. Although the workshop is open to all 11-18 year-olds in the region (playing at grade 3+ standard) I expect a large proportion of attendees to be our own, but it is a great chance to showcase the school bands to other students from other schools and possibly promote 6th form music here, if not lower down the school as well. Sign up here:[0]=AZXgmjbC4MjZr_cYgJxmkVV16tWnMoA94jS8dDMM2xbdyec8OB3qExPHcW4bdqxX1jaI4xFqfqv06iltFDolI5T3A_ZyCrEI9tXwx5U11T5iK0UqwjXOxcXPezkjCy1zj2mo7hKXyouar6fvoDFKXiL2vUaKCW5xZ-zcbcr5GC8HNTWVZpAZ9yhppZNr50wyUu4&tn=EH-y-R

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19 February at 17:06  · 

Inspire Me! Music Day #2

Big Band Day with Andy Scott. Join Andy, saxophonist and composer, someone who creates projects and collaborates, which has taken him all over the world, for our second day of music making.

16 March: Ulverston Victoria High School

“I’m looking forward to working with some of the young musicians in Cumbria for a day. Everyone who plays an instrument is welcome. We’ll make music together, we’ll improvise, swap ideas and have some fun. Music is about listening and being part of a team, let’s enjoy ourselves.

For any instrumentalists grade 3+ aged 10-18.

Sign up here:

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