2 thoughts on “Marines Concert & Tickets

  1. Elisa Isabal

    thank you! Is there a way the coro page will now work? it has been beyond challenging and when calling, not particularly helpful at all – not to mention it took them 4 days to pick up the phone -. I dont fancy being at the back again due to the fault of the coro

    1. rbutler Post author

      Many thanks for the message. The advance sale site only works if you have an account set up with The Coro. Once that is set up and you have logged in on Sat or Sun (26/27 Nov) you should be able to click on the ‘book tickets’ button and you’ll then be asked for the password. As for payment, although it says ‘Paypal’ there is also, via Paypal, the option to pay by card without having a Paypal account. Hope this is understandable??


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