Happy New Year!!

Welcome back to school everyone – and what a way to start!!! Swing Band on Friday started work on a vocal set featuring Caitlin, our new singer, and this evening’s Wind Band rehearsal was great. Most of the band had to sight-read throughout the rehearsal preparing a new concert programme for later this year, including celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee with William Walton’s Crown Imperial which was originally composed for the coronation of George VI but then played again for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 (it also featured at Prince William’s wedding in 2011). Other pieces we will be rehearsing this term include 633 Squadron, The Blues Brothers Revue, Music, Fanfare for a New Horizon & You Can’t Stop The Beat, to name but a few.

Some ensembles are also getting under way this week (Clarinet Choir was awesome this lunchtime), but there are some cancellations due to yr13 mocks – yr11 mocks next week may also disrupt some lunchtimes – so GOOD LUCK to all our GCSE and A Level students.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all, and here’s to some live concerts in a few months.

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