Today’s Gig

Congratulations to the Combo/Little Big Band for today’s first gig! You all did brilliantly and it was very well received by the venue and audience. The first performance of the year is always the hardest (and most nerve-wracking), but as you were a totally new band with only a few weeks of rehearsals behind you (and 20-odd months of no group playing at all) you really did exceed all expectation and did yourselves proud!!!!

Next stop – Dickensian Festival!

P.S. – many thanks to those who came to school afterwards to help unload the van – I am afraid I will have to ask for assistance every time we do a gig as I am not currently allowed to lift anything heavy. In the future (including next week) I will again have to ask for assistance if we are to re-establish our calendar for the Combo and the Swing Band. So … if any members of the Swing Band are able to come to school after next week’s performance to help unload, please do so.

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