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Jazz Combo played superbly at the Open Evening on Thursday evening, especially as it is a totally new band with only 3 weeks of rehearsals under their belt. There will be no rehearsal this week, but we will resume every Wednesday evening from next week.

Wind Band are working really hard. After 18 months with no rehearsals everyone has lost out in terms of detailed ensemble experience, sight-reading and regular playing, but we are already getting back towards our trademark ‘big’ sound.

Swing Band have also been making great progress, and we are even considering whether to try a public performance before Christmas. Again, the last 18 months have taken their toll in terms of playing experience, but they are really getting back ‘into the swing of it’!

Junior Band, String Ensemble & Choir have had a couple of rehearsals so far and are trying hard to get back into regular ensemble work.

The smaller ensembles have also started rehearsals and are already getting to grips with their repertoire. As with all the other groups, it is not only the lack of regular playing (outside personal practice, that became very difficult over the 18 months in terms of motivation) that has had an impact but, more importantly, the lack of regular ensemble playing that had become such a feature of music in the school and the key to the quality of our performances.

Obviously, Covid-19 absence has disrupted everything over the last few weeks but as we get a little more continuity, the route back to where we were in March 2020 will seem a lot clearer and achievable. Many thanks to the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of all the students giving up their time and really wanting to be part of the resurgence of Music at UVHS – Mrs H. and myself are so happy to be back rehrasing with everyone!!

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