AS Drama Performance Assessment this Friday – please support!

UVHS Drama Studio. 4:30pm Friday 3 February.

For the Component 1 assessment of the AS Drama and Theatre Studies Course, students need to perform an extract from a chosen play in the style of a renowned theatre practitioner to a selective and supportive audience. They also need to perform a role in the form of a monologue or duologue. This year’s students have chosen to perform ‘Metamorphosis’ by Steven Berkoff (adapted from the short story by Franz Kafka), adopting his stylised approach to theatre combining mime and movement with a highly mannered form of line delivery associated with Berkoff’s practice. After a performing an abridgment of the play, focussing on the theme of the parasitical nature of the poor protagonist’s family, there is a short interlude of comedy in the form of Moth and Maudie from Jim Cartwright’s famous play ‘Two’. The darkness descends as the performance is concluded with the duologue of Roy and Lesley from the same play.


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