Bag Pack @ Booths – Saturday

Hello everyone!!   We still need some bodies for bag-packing at Booths on Saturday – at least 5 per session. The current rota is below; please email me if you can do one of the quieter slots.

The ensembles are playing at:

10.00am                   Clarinet Choir                                  1.00pm         Chamber Choir

10.45am                   Chamber Choir                               1.45pm         Sax Ensemble

11.30am                   Flute Choir                                       2.30pm         Brass Ensemble

12.15pm                   Brass Ensemble                               3.15pm         Clarinet Choir

4.00pm         Chamber Choir

Be ready to play 5 mins between the time and in Wind Band uniform


10.00am Ali Kyle Jane Wilson Ian Wilson Bill McKenny
  Fiona Cloherty Leah Nicklin Liz McKenny  n/a
11.30am Emily Brice Angharad Polley Lynne Howie
1.00pm Helen Evans Neil Tippins Kay Smith
2.30pm Christine Spencer Louise Steur Di Pamenter
Hannah Metcalf  n/a

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