Important uniform and ticket info & Friends Meeting

Evening All!!

Just a few things:

  1. Coniston Embroidery have just announced that they will be putting all prices up for uniform items from 14th November, so if your child is in the Wind Band and still needs to get a shirt for the Christmas Festival (Rhine Valley, 2017), if your child is going on tour and might want another band shirt and/or ‘supporter’s shirt’ (with their name/nickname embroided on the back), or if your child is in Year 11/12/13 and wants a VIth Form Music Hoodie, then please take advantage of the lower prices this week if you can:
  2. Tickets for the Christmas Festival are going well  –  499 sold in the first week, so just over 100 left. If you haven’t got yours yet don’t leave it too long!!
  3. Unfortunately, I am having to postpone the Friends meeting scheduled for this Tuesday (8th Nov) until the following week  –  Tuesday 15th November at 6.30pm in the school meeting room.  All are welcome: we will be discussing the management of the Christmas Festival (and then putting out the usual plea for raffle prizes and mince pies), the music day at Booths, the Wind Band tour to name but three things.




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