Old Friends/Swing Band rehearsal

Tomorrow’s after-school rehearsal is ONLY for the reduced band playing at The Old Friends on Saturday.  Make sure you are there:

Sax:  Bella, Catriona, Louisa, Ben, Tabi & Dan

Brass:  David, Abi, Anna, Emma, Jack

Rhythm:  Adam, Emily, Ella, Florrie

This is because I cannot be at the performance so we will have to make sure that it can run in all aspects (including sound system) without me

One thought on “Old Friends/Swing Band rehearsal

  1. aguerrero

    I said hi to several of you at the ‘Old Friends’ last night …

    This was my first taste of the Swing Band, to my shame. As someone who’s been to a LOT of gigs, I can honestly say I was really impressed. My first Swing Band gig won’t be my last …

    Well done, everyone!


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