Engineering Lecture in Barrow

Apologies for the late notice – the next Barrow and District Association of Engineers lecture will be at Forum in Duke St. Barrow at 7.30 pm on the 28th. The title of the lecture is Swansea Lagoon Tidal Power Project.

These lectures are free to attend and should be of interest to anyone taking physics. The full lineup for this year looks like this:

22nd  September 2016    Furness Shipbuilding

28th   September 2016    Swansea Tidal Lagoon Power Project

12th   October     2016    The U-Boat Crisisof 1917 Re-Assessed

20th   October    2016     Quicksilver – World Water Speed Record

25th   October    2016     Royal Navy Presentation Team (additional lecture)

26th   October    2016     Leadership and Management

9th     November 2016    Radio Telescopes The Technology, It’s usage and Results

17th  November 2016    BDAE Annual Bursary Awards followed by ‘Barrow to Bath, Bristol

                                      and Back Again’

23rd  November 2016   New Border Railway’s Waverley Line From Edinburgh to Tweedbank

11th   January     2017   National Grid NW Coast Connection Project

19th   January     2017    From Sumps to Drains

8th     February  2017    Approaching Absolut Zero: The What, The How, The Why

16th February    2017     Building Control

8th   March      2017      Effects on Shipping Due to Climate Changes

16th March      2017      The Mathematical Detective-Using Extreme Value Theory to Explain

                                      the Unexplained

29th  March      2017     Facial Reconstruction

12th April        2017      Britain’s Nuclear Reactors

20th  April       2017     BDAE AGM then a talk from the Nuclear Institute ‘The Moorside


Any queries – please see me in A22.

Mr T