Year 12 Engineering Opportunity

Research Experience Event

15th-18th February 2016

What do Engineers involved in research do? Lancaster University Engineering Department has a limited number of places available for Year 10 and Year 12 students to come and find out.

You will get the chance to:

  • Shadow a researcher
  • Carry out your own research project
  • Experience working within a university engineering department
  • Develop your presentation and team working skills
  • Hear about several engineering research areas within the department.

We have a number of different projects available, you will be allocated to one of these projects and we would like you to state your order of preference for the projects in your application form. You will get a chance to present what you have found out about your project to the other participants and so you will hear about all of the projects even if you are not directly involved with them. More information can be found in the link here: 

Significant Figures

The rules for significant figures are very straightforward – please remember to apply them.

  1. Whenever you give an answer, give it to the same number of significant figures as the worst piece of data you used in the calculation. Worst means the smallest number of sig figs.
  2. If you need to use that answer in a new calculation, use the full calculator value.


12D Catch-up

Dear Member of 12D

As mentioned in today’s lesson. I will be running a catch-up session in A21 on the 5th January to cover for the missed lesson the previous day. This will mean that you will have the same number of lessons as my other teaching groups and as a result you will not be at a disadvantage in your mock exams the following week.

The session will start at 12:35 prompt and will probably last the whole of lunch. Please feel free to bring sandwiches if you need them

Mr Salton