Extension Physics Starts Thursday

…in A22 at 12.45 lunchtime.

Extension Physics is intended for AS and A2 level physics students who would like to investigate some topics, skills and practical activities that go beyond the standard curriculum.

It is not a physics course and there is no assessment. It is designed to be useful and interesting to those who might want to study physics or engineering at university, or maybe just want to look at some fun physicsy things.


Mark Scheme for Year 12

Year 12 only. The mark scheme for the GCSE paper you did last week is now available here:


When you get your paper back you should use the mark scheme to identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie and take measures to address the areas in need of improvement.

The grade boundaries for the paper were as follows:

A* 45/60, A 36/60, B27/60, C 19/60

Homework, Lectures and Masterclasses

This is a final reminder to complete your questionnaire before seeing Mr Thompson this week: bit.ly/yr12questionnaire or bit.ly/yr13questionnaire

Please also the flyer here for the first of this year’s Barrow and District Association of Engineers talks at The Forum in Barrow on Thursday night.

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Finally please look at the Masterclasses on offer from Lancaster University this year – they are a fantastic opportunity and give your personal statements a boost as well.

Lancaster Masterclasses