Y12 AS Student Attendance…!

It would appear that some members of the Y12 Physics AS course have gained an incorrect impression that attendance at lessons is no longer obligatory. As I explained in your most recent lesson following the final exam we are in the process of undertaking some practical skills lessons the outcome of which is to develop ESSENTIAL skills in Y12s moving into Y13. Can I make it absolutely clear that…


…unless you have been given EXPRESS and PERSONAL permission to be absent from a lesson BY THE TEACHER OF THAT LESSON giving a reasonable amount of notice of your absence. Do not expect that we will pick up information of your absence from anywhere else and do not send someone with your excuses.

Absences will be rigorously followed up.

Mr Salton

Presentations by BAe on The Nuclear Industry

Thursdays 11th, 18th and 25th June from 3.40pm to 4.40pm in A22

BAe graduates and engineers, some of whom are ex UVHS students, will give presentations to UVHS students on Submarine Propulsion, Reactor Design and Historical Nuclear Accidents.

Year 13 are welcome to come back in for these presentations.

Anyone with an interest in physics or a career in the nuclear industry should attend.