2015 Ogden Undergraduate Physics Scholarships


Any year 13 students fulfilling the following criteria should see Mr Thompson ASAP:

  • Minimum predicted 340 points at A-level (equivalent A, A, B) or IB equivalent in their three principal subjects including grade A in Maths or Physics
  • An offer to read for a recognised Physics degree, including Natural Sciences (Physical)
  • Joint gross parental income of less than £50k
  • British nationality

Trip to Lancaster Uni Physics Dept

After school on Tuesday 21st there will be a trip to the University Physics dept.

This was originally for year 10 but as another school has pulled out, there are spaces for interested sixth formers.

We will leave before 4pm and have tea at the uni followed by a tour, lecture and demos from the post grads. I ran this trip last year and it was really worthwhile.

£10 will cover the whole trip but you need to get a letter from Mr Thompson AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but defo before 3.30pm on Friday.


Mr Thompson


Essential Practical Exam Prep

Over the next few weeks both year 12 and year 13 will complete their EMPAs (Practical Exams).

You should LEARN the contents of the preparation documents here:

Year 12: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lhxjz84hayc7uu2/Common%20questions%20yr%2012%20EMPA.docx?dl=0

Year 13: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rmu9hzukndv19q/Common%20questions%20yr%2013%20EMPA.docx?dl=0

(If you are using Internet Explorer and these links don’t work, try a proper browser like Chrome).

By LEARN we mean that you should be able to do what the document says without having to look it up.

Past papers are difficult to use without having done the practical but you should use them to get an idea of what will be required. QUESTION TWO IN THE QUESTION PAPER AND IT’S MARK SCHEME SHOULD BE DONE AND LEARNED BY EVERYONE.

The papers are in the Unit 3 folder (year 12) and Unit 6 folder (year 13): http://bit.ly/alevelphysicspapers

Topics to revise:

Year 12. Series and parallel resistor circuits. Hookes Law. Springs in series and parallel.

Year 13. Capacitor discharge and radioactive decay. Log graphs. Simple Harmonic Motion.