Potential Engineers – Free Online Course

The aim of this free online course is to introduce you to some of the physics and maths that engineers find useful. The content comprises: parts of A-level maths and further maths (mechanics); the physical laws which this maths is used to model; and examples of how these skills are employed in mechanical, aerospace, civil, environmental, materials and electrical engineering.


Physics Review

If you would like a subscription to Physics Review (highly recommended) see me before Friday 19th September with £12.50 for one year or £20 for two years.

More details here.

I also have a Physics Review article for you to read and give your opinion before it is published. If you would like to be part of the review process before this article is published in a national magazine then come and see me.

Mr Thompson

Extension Physics starts on Friday 12th September

Extension physics is for those who are serious about extending their knowledge, understanding and skills beyond A – level.

We will explore topics, practical skills and general concepts not included at A – level but which are of interest and of use to those considering physics related subjects at university.

You don’t have to come every week and all are welcome.

Starts Friday 12th September at 12.45 in A22

Welcome to the new term

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Year 12 – fill in the questionnaire at bit.ly/yr12questionnaire Make sure you have all the relevant information to hand before starting to fill it in.

Year 13 – fill in the questionnaire at bit.ly/yr13questionnaire Make sure you have all the relevant information to hand before starting to fill it in.

Have a great year and good luck!