Addendum to previous post…!

For those not in my lessons this week the June 2011 Mechanics Materials and Waves paper is printed out and can be collected from the bench immediately on the right hand side of my lab door. Come in and help yourself if I am not here. Of course it can also be downloaded. I expect this completed for the first week back (see previous post)


Mr S

Y12 Half Term Revision Support

Good luck to all of you revising for your final AS unit 2 paper on the 9th June (second Monday back). You all have past papers to complete for me for your return but if you need any assistance with these or anything else over the break please drop me a line on

If you are having problems with a specific question take a snap of the page and attach it to the email with your answer.

I will check my emails daily and get back to you as soon as I can.

It will also help if you include a contact phone number so I can ring you if I need to.

All the best
Mr Salton

Explore Audiology

3 day Audiology Work Experience Event

   31st – 2nd July 2013

   University of Manchester

  • Are you a student interested in a career in Audiology?
  • Do you want to find out more about working in a university and boost your CV by getting relevant experience?

 If ‘Yes’ then Explore Audiology is for you!


Application form:

Dropbox Box Dropped

Unfortunately the links to the past papers and mark schemes are not guaranteed to work at the moment:

I am working on a solution but in the meantime if you are desperate for a particular paper or markscheme and you can’t find it on the AQA website then email me or call in to A22.

Hopefully full service will resume soon?

Mr T