Year 11 Netball

Year 11 Netball v The Lakes School, we lost 5-1

Match Report: Our team played well seeing as we were missing some of our best players. Playing The Lakes School was a good experience for our team because it was quite competitive and it challenged our team. We tried hard and played well and the opposing team was skilled. Our defending was really strong however we just needed to get more goals in.

Highlight of the Match: The defending was at its strongest it had been recently and we stopped them getting a lot of goals.

Captain’s player of the match was: Becky C

Written by: Natasha M

Year 7 Netball Tournament

Tornament Results: Furness Academy: Lost, Chetwynde: 6-6, St. Bernard’s 10-0 win, Dowdales 2-3 defeat.

Report: Although we hadn’t played in so long, our first match against the Academy we unfortunatley lost. After our first defeat, we came back fighting. The start of our match against Chetwynde we fell behind but were able to pull a few goals back against their strong team. We ended the match 6-6. Our match against St. Bernard’s was won with a score of 10-0. We were now working together better as a team. In our last match against Dowdales both teams were playing well, but in the last minute of the game they scored a crucial goal.

Highlight of the Match: Our last minute goal against Chetwynde to secure a draw.

Captain’s player of the match: Lucy P

Written By: Gabby W