Barrow Schools Girls Inter Cricket Competition

March 25th saw the annual Girls Barrow Schools Inter Cricket Competition take place at the Park Leisure Centre in Barrow. Four schools had entered to play in this competition but on arriving, we were informed that only UVHS and Furness Academy would participate with the other schools pulling out at the last minute, which was very disappointing as our girls had practiced really hard to develop skills that they had not practiced before or play a game that only a few had played at primary school, therefore the game time they would have got on the day had now diminished.
UVHS’s team was a complete Year 7 team; therefore all the girls can back up again next year. To make up for the short fall in participants, the organisers of the day decided to run a development session during the morning to allow the girls to practice the skills of batting, bowling and fielding further and then be instructed for one last time on the rules for the days games.
As only two schools were now entered, a practice game to allow the girls to play a game to increase their understanding of the rules and implement their skills was played first before a final game that would decide the 2013 winners. The girls really performed well across both games, but like the boys were unfortunately out played by an older Furness Academy team who deserved the trophy.
To the girls credit they really worked hard and have improved immensely over the time we have been practicing and have expressed their desire to continue practicing and playing, so they are much more prepared for next year’s event. Girls, well done.
Mr.J. Quint