U16s Hockey Match

Name of Captain: Lois J, Lucy S, Carla M, 

Date of Match: 27th September 

Match against: 1) Kirby Kendal 2) QES 3) Sedbergh 

 Result and Score: 1) 0-0 2) 2-0 3) 6-0

Game one:

The girls started the game with a very positive attitude and played really well managing to keep the ball away from our goal. We passed the ball around well using great communication and we all worked really well as a team.

Game two:

The girls kept up with a positive attitude on the pitch but sadly we lost the game 2-0 despite playing really well as a team and not giving up after conceding the first goal. We remained on a high throughout the game and we all played our best!

Game three:

We played the national champions but going into the game, that didn’t bother us at all! We went out and tried our best, putting 100% effort into our game. After the first 10 minutes, we were 4-0 down, however our goalkeeper Charlotte but so much effort into trying to prevent conceding anymore goals! Everyone was so supportive of each other and although we started to tire we all still put as much effort in as possible! We worked as a team, showing a positive attitude throughout! Well done girls!

Highlight of the match: Charlotte diving on the floor saving as many goals as possible.

Captains player of the match: Carla, Lucy and Charlotte W-M