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Birkrigg Common – Club Champs 08/09/10

Nathan 2010 Club Champ

The school orienteering year always starts with our own championships. These are run on a handicap basis so everyone has a chance of winning. Taking all results from last year, time and distances are used to find a runners average minutes / kilometre. Start times are allocated (to the second) so that, in theory, everyone will finish at 6pm. The school champion is the runner who finishes first, thereby beating their handicap by the greatest margin.

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Birkrigg Common – Club Champs 10/09/08

These championships are held at the beginning of each school year. They are run on a handicap basis, where in theory everyone will finish at the same time. The champion is the pupil who beats their handicap and is the first runner to finish. The maths department would be impressed with the calculations needed. All events over the previous year are taken into account with the time taken and the distance covered being used to find every runners average minutes per kilometre. Start times are given to the second and runners set off hoping for a clean run.

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