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Welcome to the UVHS Orienteering Club Website.

Miss Evans

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Rachel Pharazyn (nee Rann)

    Hi there

    Great Blog – you guys really are going global! I’m sitting in Kaikoura, New Zealand and found a link to this blog. I heard UVHS O-Club had been in NZ, amazing. To think when I was a little orienteerer I thought I was lucky going to Wiltshire. tsk, how times have changed.
    I’ll keep a eye on what’s happening, if nothing else, just to see some much-missed Lakes scenery.

    Rachel Rann

  2. Jan Perkins

    Great work, Miss Evans! I enjoyed reading your blog, stumbled upon by chance whilst idling some time away on the internet.
    It is a long time since little Miss Sarah Perkins walked the corridors of UVHS in fear and trembling of hearing a summons from Miss Evans of ‘PERKINS!’ to be reminded of training or whatever! (She is now 26 and teaching at Rugby School, btw.)
    So keep up the good work, Clare, from former colleague, Jan Perkins (German teacher).


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