Haverigg Sand Dunes – Cumbrian Gallopen 26/09/10

Sun, sand and sea – this event had it all. Ulverston O club organised the event (on behalf of the local club – LOC) as a fundraiser. Parents and pupils ran everything – planning the courses, running registration and start, putting out controls and manning the BBQ and cake stall. It was a lot of work, but nearly 200 people took part and it was a great success.

Haverigg dunes run in a narrow strip west/northwest from the rugby club to the wind farm near Haverigg prison. The dunes themselves vary from parallel ridges near the sea to large dunes with depressions, sandy slopes and hills in the centre. North of this the contours were much ‘softer’ and it was difficult to make out the knolls and re-entrants in the long grass. The paths were removed from the map so runners had to navigate by reading the contours and the courses zigzagged east/west taking the orienteers from the fast running dunes to the slower grass area and back again.

Ulverston achieved some excellent results on all courses. Jack (13) showed good fitness as well as navigation by finishing 2nd on the longest course (Brown). Will (10) stepped up a course to Green and did well to also finish 2nd. However, he would have won by 2 mins if he had not had problems at the last control. The best result on the technical courses came from Sam (11) on the Blue. He came in 2nd, just 2 mins behind the winner, beating some very strong adults. Ulverston pupils totally dominated the Light Green course with 8 runners in the top 9 places. Patrick (10) led the group home, 4 mins ahead of Angus (10) with James (9) 5 mins further back in 3rd.

Thanks to all the parents who helped with the event, but particularly Mrs Allison for planning the courses and Mrs Browne for organising.

Orange (15) L Green (23) S Green (18) Green (43) Blue (43) Brown (22)
Dan (8) 5th Patrick (10) 1st Ben (10) 7th Will (10) 2nd Sam (11) 2nd Jack (13) 2nd
Ben (8) 7th Angus (10) 2nd Jessica (12) 8th Megan (12) 13th Malachy (11) 7th
James (9) 3rd Julia (12) 11th Adam (11) 21st Martin (13) 11th
Tom (10) 4th
Jonathon (10) 5th
Katie (10) 7th